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The Greatest Of All time

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Indeed, Africa has produced Great men and women in sports. We've had top players in Tennis, football, basketball, chess, e.t.c. People like

ALTHEA GIBSON (1927-2003),
Althea Gibson an international tennis champion became the first African-American woman to win a major singles tennis championship.
Despite constant discrimination, Gibson continued to win tournaments and make a name for herself both nationally and abroad. In honor of her world class talents, Gibson became the first African-American, of either sex, invited to play at the U.S. Nationals in Forest Hills, NY.
Gibson then became the first African-American invited to enter the all-England tournament at Wimbledon, playing there in 1951. She entered other tournaments, though at first winning only minor titles outside the ATA. In 1956, she won the French Open. In the same year, she toured worldwide as a member of a national tennis team supported by the U.S. State Department.
In 1957, she was the first African-American to be voted by the Associated Press as its Female Athlete of the Year. She won the honor again in 1958.
The next year, she made more history by winning Wimbledon and the U.S. Nationals, the first African-American to win either. She must have liked winning the world's two most prestigious tournaments, too, because she repeated the accomplishments in 1958.

JIMMY WINKFIELD (1882-1974), MAURICE ASHLEY (1966-), Mohammed Ali, Micheal Jordan, Jay-Jay Okocha, Maria Mutola, Tiger Woods et.c. All these people have made Africa ( the black race) proud but it worries me that most of them did not flourish (especially those from poverty stricken Africa) until they got to europe. Sports in Africa in dwindling...players are not paid on time, no football pitches to play on, and so young talented Africans are sold to the "Whites" very cheap. Young talents are leaving African en-mass and this is a dangerous trend.


Nigeria will end the year as the ninth best football team in the world courtesy of the latest FIFA rankings released yesterday even as former world champions Brazil was chosen as the Team of the Year by the world football governing body.
The top 10 hasn't changed since last month -- Argentina is third, followed by France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Nigeria and the Czech Republic.The highest mover in the top 25 was Guinea, going from 27th to 24th.


Its will be soon be the month of June and hostilities will continue on most part of Africa. By this time next year, GHANA 2008 CAF Football competition will have know its winner. Its will no doubt be full of suspense, entertainment, thrills and fun. African footballers (mostly those who ply their trade in European countries) will want to showcase to the Legions of football lovers in Africa and the entire world their talents.

I also have no doubts that new and younger talents will be discovered. Be ready for the football fiesta.

Who can guess who the winner will be...send in your guesses!

Вы здесь » Russians-Africans Friends - Форум Друзей Африки » Sport » The Greatest Of All time