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Madness in Stavropol

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I've always said that the only and rather, the greatest minus in Russia is the high and uncontrollable wave of racism. It is a surprise to me that if a non-ethnic russian (say an African or Caucasian) is killed then everyone is at peace and no one is bothered. However it is reverse of the case when an ethnic russian is killed. The whole town or country goes crazy. Skin-Heads, Ultra nationalists and the so called "Slavian" faces stage demonstrations and scream racially motivated  ideas and destroy everything that belongs to people of another race and yet the authorities and police cannot do anything. It's sickening to hear that they cannot even find these demonstrations racially motivated...foreigners are been killed in this country everyday and nobody gives a why is stavoropol going crazy now..I have been there and I know what it is...A foreigner was killed just two weeks before the incident in stavoropol and another in moscow but everyone kept quiet...All 50 or so idiots arrested during the demonstrations were released for reasons unknown and moreso the government had said that the killers of the so called 2 "ethnic" russians were of slavian why are they going bunkers?

I have always said that Russian is the number 1 racist nation in the world and I continue to maintain my stand. It is a fact and I fear for the lives of all foreigners staying in the stavropol region.

One thing I cannot understand though, is why the Caucasian people , renowned for their vengeance cannot retaliate. Let those skin-heads have a feel of what it is to иу hated just because of the color of your skin or hair but that is not to say that I support any kind of racially motivated crimes. Racism is a disease which needs an urgent cure.

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I hate racism. It is true. But is it possible to have some other information from you, JK? I can understand you, believe me, I am leaving in Germany and some natives also are not really positive to Ruissians.

Really Russia is not only racism.


Karas написал(а):

Really Russia is not only racism.

For me, it is.

Karas написал(а):

But is it possible to have some other information from you, JK? I can understand you, believe me, I am leaving in Germany and some natives also are not really positive to Ruissians.

what other information from me would you want? what I eat or what? You dont understand or see it the way I do. You hating racism does not change a thing. Russia is a racist nation.


Black peole are also racists, it is true.

You can also give some information about Nigeria or African history and other things.

I am sorry if you have only found racists and racism in Russia, in this case you are the same like Oleg, Africaner and other white Russian racists here.

This forum is no more intersting for me, it is only Big white men here, and you as a only one African hate white people, you are not better then others here.

So bye this forum!!!!


Maybe you will found a contry that is without racism, I will hope, this is possible, but you can not say Russian nation is racism nation. Russians are humans, and humans are diferent, not all Russians are racists, if it is your opinion, sorry for you. Maybe United Kingdom would be better for you.


Karas, that was a funny thing to say..that I hate white people! Did I tell you that my wife is white? so do you mean to say that I hate her...Even she admits to the fact that Russia is full of racists. I have been to other European countries and I can tell you that most east europeans are hard-core racists. serbia, bosnia, russia...all full of stupid racial idiots and the government is doing nothing about it.

About those other people.. I mean Oleg or africaneer, honestly, I really do not care if there are green purple or yellow. If there are racists and white racists for that matter then that is there own cup of tea. They can hate for all I care. It don't change a thing.

I don't want to be better than anyone (not even you or do you think that you are better than anyone) but the fact is that you don't see blacks killing white people in Africa just because of the color of their skin. Its purely barbaric and it is a crime but unfortunately, it is very much celebrated in Russia. Russia lives and breathes racism whether you like it or not... Africans never planned to go to europe but europeans came to get us and rape our women all in the name of stupid civilization.

It is a pity that you do not see the pain that most black people feel. I didn't expect you to understand anyway.

What else is there to talk about, look at the forums and tell me one positive thing or topic that you see about Africa. I can't see anything.


Our opinion about Yogoslavia and Russia about administration and that here are more racism then in other European countrias is 100% correct.

But not all Russian people are racists not all nation, visit other cities in Russia, people in villages are not so racistically really then in Moscow.

I am sorry that your opinion is this about Russia, but your wife is Russian, correct? You can see. Oleg is saying nothing good in Africa, all black people are lazy and stupid, it is racizm, you are sayning Russian nation is racistically, not all nation, JK, not all nation.

Russia JK is not Europe - it is not civilisation Russia is behind Europe, in Russia no human rights, for nobody, I know this point, no democracy in Russia, and now is a period of nationalizm and racism, like in Europe for example Germany in the time of Hitler, it is the true.

Sorry for my English.

You are a very intelligent men, really, please do not give the same opinion about Russia like Oleg about Angola.

Good luck in your life and job!


"It is a pity that you do not see the pain that most black people feel. I didn't expect you to understand anyway."

I didn't expect you to understand anyway. This sentence is racism according to me. You can write and see very positive things about Africa in Germany, in TV, magazines and also from white German people (my opinion is Germans are not very intelligent people, but not the all nation is stupid, but lot of people are not very intelligent, but people here are more tolerant and not so racistically, a lot of people are married to black men and black women an a lot of brown childen, and nobody is hating these children, more racism is in the Easterm of Germany). A lot of people were in Africa, and they are living in Africa, also in Nigeria, but these people are not so like Oleg an so on.... They are rescpecting Africans and are not making the "big white men"!!!

About Africa and Europe - мавры были в Испании тоже колонизаторы, и среди них были чернокожие люди. И африканцы тоже завоевывали других африканцев, и а Африке тоже были войны и другие вещи и до европейцев.

I know racism and also know it if you can not go to the restaurant and other things in your own country only for US dolars and only for turists, do you mean if I am white, I do not understand suffering of black people? I am sorry I can not agree with you. Кстати меня беременную с пузом мои же белые русские мужики ногами били в живот, и без всякого расизма, так что.....


Bue and good luck in your life.


I have been to a lot of cities in Russia. I have also been to the villages and everywhere I go, there is racism. I didn't say my wife is russian. I said she is white.

Read this and maybe you will understand what I'm talking about.


I know it, I know it, I was living in Moscow, I know about racism, but ..... your opinion is ..... how can I explain...

Can I ask about the nationlality of your wife?


the nationality of my wife does not really matter...I'm not going to tell you anyway....the issue is this, the government of russia supports the racial elements . The government uses them for its own purposes....there is no day i check the internet, that i do not see reports or news about racism in russia. Russia hates everybody and that is why nobody loves russia excepts (not even all) russians.

Ukraine , belorussia, georgia etc..all these countries don't like russia. do you know why? i can tell you why but that is another topic for another day.

meanwhile, you can read this...

it is one thing to live in moscow and know about is a different thing entirely to feel it on your skin. when people hate you because of the color of your skin...i think that is evil and devlish. the most painful aspect of it is that almost everybody in russia love what the skin-heads are doing...protecting the slavian race...what a stupid idea...was it not (at least according to reports) a slavian that blew up the railway station at petersburg? was it not the same people who blew up macdonald's at st.petersburg?

the danger you russians don't realise is that by the time things get too far, when there will be no foreigners left to kill in in russia, these same skin-heads and all other racial political parties will start to kill and beat up russians because there is no one left to beat....they will always find reasons to do that.


JK you can not say all Russians are racists, this is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way Ukranian people are more racistically (West Ukraine), Georgia and so on, why so much people from these contries are going to Russia, they are now independent, stay in your countries in this case, they are hating Russia but they are going to Russia.

My relatives were leaving in Georgia, they talked the language, they hade a lot of friedns and so on, but they had to go, why? Because they were not Georgians, so.

And Balticum they are all racists, and are crying Heil Hitler!!!!!!!!!!

You can not say all Russia are only racizm, you are not better then other white racists here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By the way: my husband is also not white, he is half Roma people, do you know about the suffering of Roma people? he has a dark skean. Roma people were killed in Hitler time, but only jules has memorials, why? Because Roma people are poor.!!!!!!!!!!


i know very much about them...the funny thing, even roma people (or gypsies) looks down on black people...its funny really when low class people call other people low people are always are the receiving end.

I understand where you stand but what I'm saying is this...killing a human being because of the color of his skin is a something i find very hard to understand. I was in a taxi the other day and the driver ( a russian ) asked me, if i liked russia...I told him no . His response was "why" and I told him that racism is the "reason why"...and he said "really, well, maybe there is a reason for that...."

He was trying to justify the actions of the skin-heads. Tell me please, karas, is there any way to justify the killing of innocent people? what right has anyone got to think that he or she is better than other people? who decides who should live or who should not?


I do not think he was trying to justify the action of skin-heads, not really,  I think he was meaning other things - more people from Kaukasus, this is no razism more nationalism then razism because Kaukasians are actually also white race.

Roma people has a skin ierarchy I know it, my husband is absolutely no rasist, he likes Jazz, and people who like Jazz, can not hate other people.

Slavian pace - it is so stupid I can not say anything about this, it is unpossible.


Карась написал(а):

you can not say all Russia are only racism, you are not better then other white racists here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neither are you better off. i have never said that all russians are racists...I said most russians are hard core racists...the baltics, and most east europeans are all alike....they represent the slavian race...isn't it?

tell me, what good is it to defeat hitler but most young russians belongs to fascist groups? does it mean that there forefathers fought for nothing...ukraine, georgia and the rest and doing to russians what russians are doing to eye for and eye....simple. and remember there are countries they were part of one family before...the soviet union...but now, there is so much think it is because russia is good?


Карась написал(а):

Roma people has a skin ierarchy I know it, my husband is absolutely no rasist, he likes Jazz, and people who like Jazz, can not hate other people.

really...then you do not understand the word racism...your husband may not be a racist. I'm sure he is not but then, you are not in the position to speak for other people.


Мне с твоим английским не сравниться, поэтому я по русски тебе отвечу.

Россия переживает период, который большинство Западных Стран уже прошли, Россия это приблизительно тоже самое как Польша во времена польского национализма, вот и все. Славянской расы не существует вообще, так же как арийской расы не существует, помнишь Гитлер, Германия, арийская раса? А у нас теперь славянская раса пошла, это глупость. Церковь и администрация поддерживает эти тенденции, это верно все.

Украинцы, в основном западные, русских ненавидят не из за расизма, а из за того что русские - или как они нас называют москали и жиды, не дали им сделать самостийную Украину в свое время, вот и все. Кто больше всего уничтожал евреев и цыган и поддерживал фашистов - украинцы и поляки, это историческая правда.

далее русские они перемешаны с монгольскими народами, так что чистота расы это дебилизм!!!

Прибалтика - они орут что они прибалтийская раса, приближенная к арийской, а славяне - недочеловеки.

Сербы - это Югославия, тут я .... вообще говорить не буду, как они там друг друга уничтожали, сербы, албанцы, кроаты и так далее.

Грузины, украинцы и так далее они едут в Москву на заработки, вот и все.... В России более хорошая экономическая ситуация, вот и все.

И мои родственники грузинам ничего плохого не сделали, и вообще то считали себя грузинами, честно говоря.


Кто по твоему расист тогда? Мой папа расист, но он никогда не будет убивать никого или подговаривать убивать, но он расист.

Расист тот который убивает или избивает, или кто?

расист это тот кто считает что его раса, его цвет кожи самый высший, правильно?


Расист это тот кто убувает иногодцев

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