Welcome to the International Students Association in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

To keep a common place for information and communication - this group will serve the vital role in the foreign students community.

Our goal is to promote the RIGHT of foreign students in Saint Petersburg. Like,
1. Monthly Transport card as Russian Students Get.
2. Right for work.
3. Proper Scholarship contract. eg. Medical Insurance, Extra Hostel fees etc.
4. Telephone, Internet fee''s, high price & low quality cafeteria inside the Foreign student''s Hostel.
5. Passport Carrying in the street & Militsia Harrasment.
6. OVIR''s improper behavior with foreign students & extra bribery, taking extra money without reciept.( IMOP!)
7. Hostel Restriction. Saying not to get out in the evening, on the other hand, Prohibite to enter guest at the day time. eg. Architecture University''s Hostel beside Fontanka, Ismailovsky Pr.
8. Tution fee''s increase unhumanly and not related with life & Educational standard. Lack of study materials in the libraries.
9. Against Unhuman behaviour with African, Chinese and other Asian nationals in Saint Petersburg.

Join us and keep eye on the current events in Saint Petersburg, Russia.