I am an American working for a non-profit here in Moscow.  One of our big projects is to train Russian teachers/psychologists/sociologists to carry out classes for orphans so that they can leave their orphanages (or children's homes) with life skills.  Because of the growing problem of orphanhood in Africa due to AIDS (as well as there, of course, being existing orphans) we are exploring adapting our program to the various cultures and societies in African countries.  We will also make HIV prevention a component of this program.  This will help this generation of parentless children grow up to be better parents and citizens. 
     I have been contacting the various embassies in Moscow, primarily with the goal of finding out about the African community in Moscow.  However, I would also like to start attending events and meeting various students who are from Africa in Moscow.  Could anyone tell me about where and when these clubs might meet?    If we are able to obtain funding for this program (which we think we can) we will want to enlist the help of African students and professionals living in Moscow in developing this.  So, anyone that I can meet and any information or feedback I can get would be very helpful.
     Please send me a private message (I think this forum allows that) or reply to this message and we can get in touch!

Elizabeth Bowen