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Дайте знаний по амхарскому языку!

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Amharic is spoken by more than 23 million people and is one of
the official/national languages of the Ethiopian Republic (the
other two are Tigrinya and English). It is a Semitic languages
related to Arabic and Hebrew and has a very old writing system
based on an ancient language called Ge’ez.
“ny” is pronounced as a single sound in the following words –
like the first “n” in “onion”. The “w” sound may occur at the
end of the word. This is different from English, where it only
comes at the beginning of a word or within a word, but never at
the end.

The “r” is trilled as in Spanish.

Hello, nice to meet you.
TAY-nah EES-tuh-liny.

I only speak English.
Ehng-GLEE-zeh-NYAH b’CHAH eh-NAH-geh-RAH-leh-hoo.

I don’t understand.

What is this?
YUH-hay muhnd nehw?

What is the time?
snt seh-AHT nehw?

What is the date?
qeh-NOO snt nehw?


Where is the nearest toilet?
shint bayt yeht nehw?

Where is the nearest hotel?
hoh-TEHL bayt yeht nehw?

Where is the nearest airport?
AH-yehr mah-rehf-YAHW yeht nehw?

Where is the nearest hospital?
hohs-pee-TAHL yeht nehw?

Where is the nearest American restaurant?
yeh-ah-MEH-ri-kahn m’gb yeht y’geh-NYAHL?

What do you need to make this work?
YUH-hay ehn-DEE-she-rah MN-yahs-fehl-GOH-tahl?

Who is the decision maker?
YEH-meew-ehs-nehw mahn nehw?

May I use the phone?
suhl-KOON luh-TEH-qehm?

kohm-POO-tehr-oon luh-TEH-qehm?

May I speak alone with my partner for a moment?
AHN-day kehs-RAH bahl-deh-reh-BAH-yoh gahr l’neh-GAH-gehr.


Lets make this deal happen today.
SM-m’neh-TOON ZAH-reh ehn-ch’RUHSW.






Thank you

Sign here
Eh-ZEE gah y’FEHR-moo



My name is ……
What is your name?
SUH-muhh mahn nehw? (Pronounce the “h” at the end of the first word)
Where can I find an interpreter?
Ahs-tehr-GWAH-mee yeht ah-geh-NYAHL-hoo?
I need a hotel room.
Ahl-BEHR-goh eh-fehl-GAHL-hoo.

I need water.
WOO-hah Y’SH-toony.

I need food.
m’gb Y’SH-toony.

I need sleep.
meh-teh-NYAHT eh-fehl-GAHL-hoo.

How much does the room cost for one night?
k’FLOO BEH-qehn snt nehw?

How much does the room cost for two night?
k’FLOO leh-HOO-leht qehns snt nehw?

How much does the room cost for one week?
k’FLOO leh-SAM’nts snt nehw?


I would like the room
k’FLOO t’ROO nehw.

I would like the car
meh-kee-NAHW t’ROO nehw.

I would not like the room
k’FLOO t’ROO igh-DEH-lehm.

I would not like the car
meh-kee-NAHW t’ROO igh-DEH-lehm.

How do I get to ……
y’HEN’n BOH-tah ehn-DAYT ah-gay-nyehw-AHL-hoo …?

Please draw me a map.
Ahq-tah-CHAH-woon beh-WEH-reh-qeht s’LEHW yah-sah-YOONY.

Good bye
DEH-nah HOO-noo.

Where can I rent a car?
meh-kee-NAH yeht meh-keh-RAH-yeht eh-ch’LAHL-hoo?

How can our company help you?
YAY-nyah d’r’JT ehn-DAYT li-reh-DAH-ch’hoo y’ch’LAHL?


We'll gladly submit an estimate.
eh-NYAH teh-meh-NOON eh-NAH-qehr-BAH-lehn
We’ll gladly submit our recommendations at no obligation.
T’qoh-MAHCH’n g’DAY-tah yeh-lehw-OOM.
May we put together a proposal for you?
proh-POH-zahl ah-zeh-GAHY-tehn eh-NAH-qehr-bl’WOHT?
We would like to help you.
l’n-reh-DAH-woht ehn-weh-DAH-lehn.

Is our price within your range?
WAH-gahch’n bah-seh-BACH-hut MEH-tehn nehw?

When may we get to work on this project for you?
meh-CHEH nehw y-HEHN’n PROH-jehkt yehm’n-jem’r-LOHT?

Do you have any concerns about our product?
s’LEH s’RAH-ch’n tr-TAH-reh ah-LOHT?

Do you have any concerns about our service?
s’LEH s’RAH-ch’n tr-TAH-reh ah-GEHL-g’loht?

Do you have any concerns about our product/service/pricing?
s’LEH s’RAH-ch’n tr-TAH-reh WAH-gah?

May I call you back?
NEH-geh luh-DEH-wool’loht?


May I call you back next week?
NEH-geh luh-DEH-wool’loht yeh-MEE-qeh t’lehw SAH-mnt?

May I call you back this afternoon?
NEH-geh luh-DEH-wool’loht ZAH-reh keh-SEH-aht?

May I call you back in the morning?
NEH-geh luh-DEH-wool’loht TEH-waht?

Who should be my contact within your company?
keh-drj-TAHCH-hoo MAHN’n nehw yeh-mah-NEH-gah-grehw?

When you agree in business dealings or casual conversation,
don’t give the thumbs up sign, since it means something negative
in this culture.


privet ia novi4ek na va6em forume. mesiac nazad na4el u4i amharik, prodvigaus poka s trudom. dlia interesuu6ixsia posetite


кажется, кто-то писал, что в Питере слабый амхарский!????????

уж не знаю, чем руководствовлась ваша преподавательница...

во-первых, у нас есть носитель, который уже давно преподаёт в Петербурге!
во-вторых, у нас целых два замечательных преподавателя с практикой языка в стране!
в-третьих, у нас со след. года будет преподавать люди, занимающиеся эфиопистикой в Германии!
в-четвёртых, параллельно с амхарским мы учим гыыз!
ну и в-пятых, мы не учимся только по одному учебнику З...!

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